Drive carefree in a used car

Nobody likes to run into unexpected costs.

Using vehicle data and our solid partnerships, we enable dealerships and insurers to offer their customers a carefree driving experience. With Private Care, repairs and maintenance of a used car are arranged for one fixed amount per month. This means there are no unpleasant surprises for the customer and the car is always working properly.

Create your own subscription-based service to make sure your customers will never have to pay for repair and maintenance again.

How does it work?


Our device will be professionally installed in your customer’s vehicle by a workshop in his vicinity. 

Repair & maintenance

Through the vehicle data collected by Crossyn, the workshop and the customer will have 24/7 insight into: 

✓ MOT expiry date
✓ Current odometer reading
✓ Planning and content of the next
maintenance service
✓ Fuel level
✓ Battery voltage and warnings
✓ Coolant temperatures
Distance travelled since DTCs have been
✓ Malfunctions

Location & trip data

With Private Care, the customer can also use the following services:

✓ Trips and current location
✓ Weather and road information
✓ Trip registration
✓ Smart parking
✓ Smart tanking
✓ Points of interest
✓ Integration of third-party services

Driving behaviour

Lastly, Private Care provides the customer with more insight into: 

✓ Driving behaviour scores
✓ Driving behaviour statistics
✓ Car mode
✓ Excessive idling
✓ CO₂ reduction

Benefits driver

✓ No unexpected costs for repair & maintenance
✓ Receive a notification when the vehicle has to go to the workshop for maintenance & repair
✓ Save time and costs by having their vehicle monitored remotely

Benefits workshop

✓ 24/7 Insight into the technical condition of connected vehicles
✓ Secure customer loyalty
✓ Proactively approach customers
✓ More efficient planning
✓ Upselling services
✓ Predictable incomes

Benefits insurer

✓ Provide customers with a carefree driving experience
✓ Create new business models
✓ Secure customer loyalty

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Case studies

We are proud of the collaborations with the following customers and would like to tell you more about their success stories.


CareToDrive is a solution for private car owners who do not want to worry about unexpected high repair and maintenance costs. Through a subscription with a fixed monthly amount via affiliated dealers, unexpected repairs to mechanical and electrical parts, periodic maintenance, MOT, roadside assistance and replacement transport are covered.

CareToDrive is launched by Aon in cooperation with Crossyn Automotive, GT-Motive and Allianz Partners.

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