Private Care

Nobody likes to run into unexpected costs.

Using vehicle data and our solid partnerships, we enable dealerships and insurers to offer their customers a carefree driving experience. Create your own subscription-based service to make sure your customers will never have to pay for repair and maintenance again.

All expenses reimbursed for a fixed amount per month.

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How does it work?


Our device will be professionally installed in your customer’s vehicle by a workshop in his vicinity. 

Repair & maintenance

Through the vehicle data collected by Crossyn, the workshop and the customer will have 24/7 insight into: 

✓ MOT expiry date
✓ Current odometer reading
✓ Planning and content of the next
maintenance service
✓ Fuel level
✓ Battery voltage and warnings
✓ Coolant temperatures
Distance travelled since DTCs have been
✓ Malfunctions

Location & trip data

With Private Care, the customer can also use the following services:

✓ Trips and current location
✓ Weather and road information
✓ Trip registration
✓ Smart parking
✓ Smart tanking
✓ Points of interest
✓ Integration of third-party services

Driving behaviour

Lastly, Private Care provides the customer with more insight into: 

✓ Driving behaviour scores
✓ Driving behaviour statistics
✓ Car mode
✓ Excessive idling
✓ CO₂ reduction

Benefits workshop

✓ 24/7 Insight into the technical condition of connected vehicles
Secure customer loyalty
Proactively approach customers
More efficient planning
Upselling services
Predictable incomes

Benefits insurer

✓ Provide customers with a carefree driving experience
✓ Create new business models
✓ Secure customer loyalty

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