Tilburg, November 7th 2017

The connected car and autonomous vehicles will become an increasingly more important asset within the automotive industry of today and tomorrow. However, the more connected features are added to a car, the higher the risk that any of those features might be exposed to a digital attack. Strong data driven companies which specialize in data security are currently supporting the industry to help minimize these risks. These data driven companies ensure that vehicle and consumer data is collected and stored in a highly secured environment.

Since data security will become increasingly more important in the upcoming years, will the stakeholders within the automotive industry choose to make or buy data security assets?

The make or buy decision will depend on the expertise regarding data security of a given stakeholder within the automotive industry. It should be taken into account that the creation of data security assets is both time and capital exhaustive. Instead of creating your own data security assets, an interesting alternative for the automotive industry would be to attract trusted third parties which are specialized in data security. An example of a company already collecting, processing and securing vehicle and consumer data through a highly secured automotive oriented platform is Crossyn Automotive B.V..   

Car users have started to acknowledge hacking as a threat that is present in our digitalized society, but are car users also willing to take countermeasures to deal with this threat? The answer is yes. Currently car users already show interest in anti-virus software that would prevent vehicle hacking and additional insurance which covers the damage hacking might cause. It is very likely that the interest in additional software and insurance policies will rise due to an expected increase in popularity of both the connected and autonomous vehicles.



For stakeholders within the (future) automotive industry it will become increasingly more important to establish strong data security assets. Either by themselves or in collaboration with third parties. Strong data security assets and a transparent communication will help establish a customer relationship which is based on trust when it comes to data security. This trust based customer relationship will be crucial in a society that is privacy sensitive and is being more digitalized every day. Only time will tell which companies within the automotive will take the lead when it comes to digitalization and data security.


Author: Jeroen Nissen