What is Crossyn?2020-06-09T09:28:26+01:00

Our goal is to create the possibility for you to drive your car as worry-free as possible. Crossyn is an independent, safe and transparent platform where you as a driver are in control of sharing your data with other parties. You decide which data you want to share with whom, and therefore, which services will help you to drive your car without worries.

A smart car, how does it work?2020-06-01T14:46:26+01:00

By using devices we connect your vehicle to our platform. The data you agree to share is collected on our platform and enriched by other data sources. Privacy and security are very valuable to us, which is why our platform is highly secured.

Why should I want to drive a connected car?2020-06-09T09:31:22+01:00

When you connect your car to our platform, you will get access to your data. You can use this data to purchase services from different service providers. Through the Drivers Portal you can easily determine which data you do and which data you do not want to share with a service provider. This means that you are always in control of your data.


What data is collected and what does Crossyn use it for?2020-06-01T14:53:43+01:00

In order to use our services, we need some information from you. For example, we collect the personal data that you provide to us via the registration form in order to create an account for you. In addition, we also process data for you that originate from the devices in your connected car. For example, the following data can be extracted from the device: (technical) vehicle data, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), data about your use of the vehicle, such as acceleration and braking behaviour, and data that indicates malfunctions. The privacy policy contains detailed information about what data we collect and how we handle your personal data.

What happens to my data?2020-06-03T09:05:15+01:00

We use your information to create an account for you and link it to your vehicle and the devices installed in it. In addition, we process the data you provide us with in order to serve you well when you contact us. We process the data from the devices in your connected car for you so that you can share it with a service provider, in order to make use of the services you are interested in. In the privacy policy you will read more about what we do with your data.

How long will my data be stored?2020-06-03T09:10:31+01:00

We retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide our services or the services you have chosen and to answer any questions you may have after the service has ended. How long your data will be kept depends on how long the service provider you shared it with needs it. Always read the privacy policy of the service provider carefully!

How secure is Crossyn with my data?2020-06-03T09:11:06+01:00

The data generated by the devices in your connected car is collected and processed using devices and processes that are suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

The data from the devices in your connected car, your account data and the personal data you provide to us yourself are stored on our platform. We take the protection of your data very seriously and have therefore taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect our platform and to protect your data against, for example, loss or misuse. We not only comply with the requirements of the privacy legislation but also with the standards of ISO 27001. Your data is linked to a pseudo-id and encrypted with high-quality encryption software. Moreover, the data generated by the devices is not sent via the Internet, but via a secure private network. From time to time we evaluate the implemented measures and adapt them to the state of the art.

Can Crossyn follow me when I drive a connected car?2020-06-03T09:11:47+01:00

No, your personal data is always pseudonymized and encrypted with high quality encryption software. So, we can’t follow you when you drive your connected car. Only if you choose to share your data with a service provider will your data be visible to that service provider.

Can the service provider follow me when I drive a connected car?2024-01-03T16:29:05+01:00

When you allow the service provider to access your location data, the service provider will be able to see your location. Through the drivers portal or app you can change your privacy preferences, for example you can disable the sharing of your location here.

What is a device?2020-06-03T09:14:04+01:00

We use devices to connect your vehicle to our platform. In most cases we use two devices for a vehicle: the Redstone and the Observer.

The Redstone is also called our battery device. This device is installed on the battery of a vehicle. The Redstone is our central gateway that is connected to our platform via a private APN. This device sends the data to the platform. But it also contains a GPS, a gyroscope and a temperature indicator.

What is an Observer device?2020-06-03T09:14:37+01:00

The Observer is also called the OBD device, this device looks like a so-called ‘dongle’. The difference with a dongle is that the Observer is able to read CAN information from the vehicle in combination with OBD information. By using an energy-efficient Bluetooth connection, the Observer is in contact with the Redstone. The Observer gives you insights into the status of your vehicle.

My vehicle does not have an OBD port, is it possible to connect my vehicle to the Crossyn platform?2024-01-03T16:28:26+01:00

You can also decide to use the Redstone device as an individual device. This device can collect information about your location and your driving behaviour. You can use many smart services like trip registration and driving behaviour. Crossyn also offers an app and connections with manufacturers.

What should I do if I lose my device?2020-06-03T09:15:37+01:00

The devices are owned by Crossyn. Have you lost your device? Please contact the service desk, via the e-mail address or the telephone number below. Crossyn may charge a fee for the replacement of a stolen or lost device.

Phone: +31 88 7960 019

E-mail: support@crossyn.com

I think my device is broken, how can I check it?2020-06-03T09:16:03+01:00

Of course, it is always possible that a device does not work, first check if the device is connected properly.

Redstone device (battery)

Check whether the Redstone cables are securely connected to the positive and negative poles of the vehicle battery and that the bolts on the battery poles are securely tightened. When the Redstone is properly connected, a green LED will flash.

Note: First, the Redstone device flashes red twice and green twice in a short time for a maximum of two minutes. Doesn’t the device begin to flash green afterwards? Or does the LED flashes from red to green? Then your device might be. Please contact our service desk. In order to provide you with a good service, we ask you to take a clear picture of the connection of the Redstone device and a clear picture of the IMEI number on the sticker of the device. Send this to the e-mail address below.

Phone: +31 88 7960 019

E-mail: support@crossyn.com

My vehicle already has an option connected car, can I connect my car to the Crossyn platform?2024-01-03T16:26:16+01:00

You can! Crossyn also has connections with other parties. Feel free to ask about the possibilities if you already have a supplier.

Is my vehicle compatible as a connected car?2024-01-03T16:24:35+01:00

Almost all vehicles are compatible with the Crossyn platform. But there is a big difference in the amount of data that can be extracted from the vehicle.

Are you in doubt whether we can connect your vehicle? Please contact our service desk via service@crossyn.com, or call +31 88 7960 019.

How do I connect my vehicle?2024-01-03T16:22:12+01:00

You can connect your vehicle to the Crossyn platform by means of devices, the app or via OEM connection.

The devices are installed in my vehicle, and now?2020-06-03T09:23:37+01:00

From the moment your vehicle is equipped with the devices and connected to our platform and your account you start collecting data. If you log in to the Drivers Portal with your account details, you can change your privacy preferences. The data you share can be retrieved from the services you purchase.

I’m going on holiday. Does my connected car also have a connection abroad?2020-06-03T09:24:06+01:00

Yes, Crossyn’s devices offer European coverage at no additional cost. There are a few countries that are not covered: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Belarus.

What happens if I do visit a country where there is no coverage?2020-06-03T09:24:36+01:00

Then we pause the flow of data from your vehicle, so that you don’t have to pay unexpected costs. If you still want to spend your holidays in one of these countries and continue to use the connected car services, please contact your service provider.

What should I do if I sell my vehicle?2020-06-09T10:47:26+01:00

If you sell your vehicle, don’t forget to outbuild the devices. Make sure you remove both devices, the Redstone (battery) device and the Observer (OBD) device. Do you want to connect your new vehicle? You can! Just tell the service desk what the VIN is of your new vehicle so we can connect this vehicle. Make sure the devices are installed in your new vehicle! Also make sure that you give permission to share the data of your new vehicle with your service provider.