What is Crossyn?

Our goal is to create the possibility for you to drive your car as worry-free as possible. We make this happen by collecting, analysing and enriching your vehicle data. Crossyn is an independent, safe and transparent platform where you as a driver are in control of sharing your data with other parties. You decide which data you want to share with whom, and therefore, which services will help you to drive your car without worries.

A smart car, how does it work?

By using devices we connect your vehicle to our platform. The data you agree to share is collected on our platform and enriched by other data sources. Privacy and security are very valuable to us, which is why our platform is highly secured.

Why should I want to drive a connected car?

When you connect your car to our platform, you will get access to your data. You can use this data to purchase services from different service providers. Through the Drivers Portal you can easily determine which data you do and which data you do not want to share with a service provider. This means that you are always in control of your data.

Services such as insights into the status of your vehicle, predictive maintenance, smart parking services, driving behaviour, route registration, eco-friendly driving and many more.