What data is collected and what does Crossyn use it for?

In order to use our services, we need some information from you. For example, we collect the personal data that you provide to us via the registration form in order to create an account for you. In addition, we also process data for you that originate from the devices in your connected car. For example, the following data can be extracted from the device: (technical) vehicle data, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), data about your use of the vehicle, such as acceleration and braking behaviour, and data that indicates malfunctions. The privacy policy contains detailed information about what data we collect and how we handle your personal data.

What happens to my data?

We use your information to create an account for you and link it to your vehicle and the devices installed in it. In addition, we process the data you provide us with in order to serve you well when you contact us. We process the data from the devices in your connected car for you so that you can share it with a service provider, in order to make use of the services you are interested in. In the privacy policy you will read more about what we do with your data.

How long will my data be stored?

We retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to provide our services or the services you have chosen and to answer any questions you may have after the service has ended. How long your data will be kept depends on how long the service provider you shared it with needs it. Always read the privacy policy of the service provider carefully!

How secure is Crossyn with my data?

The data generated by the devices in your connected car is collected and processed using devices and processes that are suitable to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

The data from the devices in your connected car, your account data and the personal data you provide to us yourself are stored on our platform. We take the protection of your data very seriously and have therefore taken appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect our platform and to protect your data against, for example, loss or misuse. We not only comply with the requirements of the privacy legislation but also with the standards of ISO 27001. Your data is linked to a pseudo-id and encrypted with high-quality encryption software. Moreover, the data generated by the devices is not sent via the Internet, but via a secure private network. From time to time we evaluate the implemented measures and adapt them to the state of the art.

Can Crossyn follow me when I drive a connected car?

No, your personal data is always pseudonymized and encrypted with high quality encryption software. So, we can't follow you when you drive your connected car. Only if you choose to share your data with a service provider will your data be visible to that service provider.

Can the service provider follow me when I drive a connected car?

When you allow the service provider to access your location data, the service provider will be able to see your location. Through the drivers portal you can change your privacy preferences, for example you can disable the sharing of your location here.