What data is being collected and what is the use of it for?

Crossyn collects personal data and data from the device in your Connected Car. The personal details that Crossyn collects are the details that you yourself provide to us. We need this information to ensure that you can make the best possible use of our services.

In addition, we also process data for you that originate from the device in your Connected Car. For example, the following data can be retrieved from the device: (technical) vehicle data (such as tyre pressure, coolant temperature and fuel level), Vehicle Identification Number, data about your use of the vehicle such as acceleration and braking behaviour, location data and data indicating malfunctions. We collect this information for you so you can benefit from our services and share it with the service provider of a service you find interesting. This can easily be done via the Drivers Portal.

You will find detailed information on how we handle your personal data in our privacy policy.

What happens to my data?

The personal data we receive from the device in your Connected Car is treated with care. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and process the personal data for the purposes described in the previous question.

On the Drivers Portal, you can easily manage your personal data yourself and share it with the parties you find interesting, so you can benefit from services that are customised for you. The service provider will then use your personal data to provide the service of your choice. The service provider will do this in accordance with its own privacy policy.

The data is stored in an encrypted form and linked to a pseudo-id. They are therefore always well secured and anonymised.

How long will my data be stored?

The personal data we have collected will be retained for the time necessary to provide the services you have chosen and to answer any questions you may have after the service has been completed.

Can a device be hacked?

We take the security of your data and the security of you and your vehicle extremely seriously. That's why we have taken extensive technical measures to prevent the device from being hacked.

Can the service provider track me as soon as I drive a Connected Car?

Only when you give the service provider permission to access your location data will the service provider be able to see your location. You can use the drivers portal to adjust your privacy preferences, for example you can disable sharing of your location here.