What is a device?

To connect a vehicle to Crossyn’s platform, we use two devices: the Redstone and the Observer.

Which devices does Crossyn provide?

Redstone (Battery-device): The Redstone is being installed on top of the vehicle’s battery. The Redstone is our central gateway which is connected with our platform through our private APN connection. This device sends the collected data to our platform.

Observer (OBD-device): The Observer is being installed in the OBD-port of a vehicle. The Observer is able to read CAN-data from the vehicle. This device is always connected with the Redstone through a low energy Bluetooth connection. 

What should I do if I have lost a device?

The devices are the property of Crossyn. Have you lost a device? Then contact the Service Desk using the email address or phone number below. Crossyn may charge a fee for the replacement of a stolen or lost device.

Telephone: +31 88 7960 019

E-mail: support@crossyn.com

In what way do I know if a device is broken?

In very exceptional cases, it can happen that one of the devices does not work. If the Redstone device is correctly connected to the vehicle's battery and no green LED flashes, the device may be broken. Please note that all Redstone devices will first flash red twice and green twice in a short sequence for up to two minutes. After that, the flashing will change to a slower, double green flashing. If this is not the case, always check whether the Redstone cables are properly connected to the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Disconnect the cables and reconnect them to the correct polarity. Tighten the screws of the poles back tightly, without the cables slipping. Are the poles connected correctly but is there still no green LED flashing? Or is the LED flashing from red to green? Then please contact our Service Desk. In order to be of great service to you, please take a clear picture of the connections of the Redstone device and mail it to the e-mail address below. Please also include the IMEI number of the Redstone device. You can find this number on the sticker that is on the device.

Phone: +31 88 7960 038

E-mail: support@crossyn.com