My vehicle already has an option connected car, can I connect my car to the Crossyn platform?

You can! You only you have to build in the Crossyn devices. Crossyn's device is separate from the connected car solution offered by the manufacturer. The advantage of connecting your vehicle via Crossyn is that you decide which data you want to share with which party. This way you can use different services from different service providers.

Is my vehicle compatible as a connected car?

Almost all vehicles are compatible with the Crossyn platform. But there is a big difference in the amount of data that can be extracted from the vehicle.

Vehicles older than 10 years we connect with only one device, the Redstone. Once you use the Redstone as an individual unit you can still make use of many services like driving behaviour or trip registration. This is done with GPS, Gyroscope information and the temperature measurements.

Nearly all vehicles younger than 10 years can also provide insights into the status of the vehicle. Again, the amount of available data depends on the brand, type and year of manufacture of a vehicle.

Are you in doubt whether we can connect your vehicle? Please contact our service desk via service@crossyn.com, call +31 88 7960 019, or send a WhatsApp message to +31 (0)6 430 340 78.

How do I connect my vehicle?

You can connect your vehicle to the Crossyn platform by means of two devices. You can either choose to build them in yourself or you can have them built in at a workshop of your choice. Once the devices are built in your vehicle, your car will be connected to the platform and you can collect your data!

The devices are installed in my vehicle, and now?

From the moment your vehicle is equipped with the devices and connected to our platform and your account you start collecting data. If you log in to the Drivers Portal with your account details, you can change your privacy preferences. The data you share can be retrieved from the services you purchase.

I'm going on holiday. Does my connected car also have a connection abroad?

Yes, Crossyn's devices offer European coverage at no additional cost. There are a few countries that are not covered: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey and Belarus.

What happens if I do visit a country where there is no coverage?

Then we pause the flow of data from your vehicle, so that you don't have to pay unexpected costs. If you still want to spend your holidays in one of these countries and continue to use the connected car services, please contact your service provider.

What should I do if I sell my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle, don't forget to build the devices. Make sure you remove both devices, the Redstone (battery) device and the Observer (OBD) device. Do you want to connect your new vehicle? You can! Just tell the service desk what the VIN is of your new vehicle so we can connect this vehicle. Make sure the devices are installed in your new vehicle! Also make sure that you give permission to share the data of your new vehicle with your service provider.


What are the benefits of connecting my car?

When you connect your car to Crossyn's platform, you get access to data that you generate when you drive your Connected Car. You can manage the data you would like to share and the service(s) you would like to make use of via the Drivers Portal. You are in control of sharing your data. In exchange for this data, you can use services offered by different service providers.