How do I connect my car?

By using two devices it is now possible to connect your car to the platform. You can have the devices installed at one of the Crossyn certified workshops. After a short installation, your vehicle will be connected to the platform and your account.

The devices are installed in my vehicle, and now?

You are now driving a Connected Car! From the moment your vehicle is connected to the platform and your account, data is collected. If you login to the Drivers Portal with your account details, you can select which services you want to use. The Drivers Portal also allows you to adjust your privacy preferences.

I am going on a holiday, does my Connected Car also operate internationally?

Yes, Crossyn devices offer European coverage at no additional cost.

Is my car compatible with Connected Car services?

Almost all vehicles are suitable to be connected to the Crossyn platform.


What are the benefits of connecting my car?

When you connect your car to Crossyn's platform, you get access to data that you generate when you drive your Connected Car. You can manage the data you would like to share and the service(s) you would like to make use of via the Drivers Portal. You are in control of sharing your data. In exchange for this data, you can use services offered by different service providers.