Strategic partnership Crossyn and Hüsges Group

Crossyn and Hüsges Group are pleased to announce they have entered into an international strategic partnership. By combining Crossyn’s vehicle data with the vehicle appraisal and inspection solutions of Hüsges, the two parties have teamed up to optimise the damage and repair process in the leasing and fleet market.

Erik Kamps, CEO of Crossyn: ‘’There are currently multiple challenges in the fleet and lease market. We see that the average cost of damage is increasing, causing premiums to increase. In addition, the entire process of claim settlement is complex and difficult, while leasing companies actually want to ‘’relieve’’ their customers. Therefore, with Fleet Control we provide fleet and leasing companies insight in driving behaviour with the ability to coach drivers and to reduce the damage load. With Fleet Control you try to limit the damage as much as possible but should damage occur, the entire process of vehicle inspection up to damage calculation and appraisal reports will be optimised with Hüsges’ addition.’’

Peter Odding, International Business Development Manager of Hüsges, continues: ‘’Hüsges is a leading player in the field of appraisal services and mobile inspection solutions and Crossyn is an expert in connected vehicle data. We combine our knowledge and expertise to jointly develop the best solution in the area of vehicle damage and claim handling processes. No other party can offer fleet and lease companies what we can together, which makes us unique.

Fleet Control is already an exclusive solution on its own, with our addition of the Hüsges solutions, we offer fleets and leasing companies a total package in terms of the damage and repair process. In addition, Hüsges is a very strong player in the German market, ‘’connected car solutions’’ are less common here than in the Netherlands. With this strategic partnership we can jointly conquer the German market with a premium solution.’’

About Crossyn

Crossyn, located in Tilburg (the Netherlands), is working on the mobility of the future. Crossyn is an analytics of data platform for insurers, fleets, dealer groups and universal workshops. By connecting cars, trucks and other vehicles to the platform, Crossyn makes it possible for both service providers and drivers to benefit from data-driven services.

About Hüsges Group

Hüsges Group, located in Willich (Germany), is an innovative company in its third generation. The Hüsges Group with more than 60 years of successful and reliable appraisal expertise is a family company with a long tradition in the automotive branch and has a network of over 250 experts in Germany. Above all Hüsges attaches great importance to digitally supported services and has created its own mobile software solutions for vehicle inspections and damage assessments. With the use of its HuesgesOne platform yearly more then 1 million assessments are generated by its clients.

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Author: Sanne Heijs